The big list

I have vowed to really get this blog up and going.  I need to follow through with this commitment.  To get myself started and give a little motivation, I crafted a list in my spare time today.  It’s basically a list of things I want to accomplish in the next 10 to 20 years of my life so I remember to stay on the right path and stay true to my goals.  I figured this would be a good starting point to theme this blog off of.

  • Write books-I need to some life searching before I can sit down and write a book.  But, I want to have at least one book published in my lifetime.
  • Be successful in social media and blogging-This involves me getting moving on this blog.  Also, I want my ideas to be followed and to create a discussion about areas of the world that need attention.
  • Travel-I really, really want to go to Africa in the next year or two.  From studying Senegal, Ghana, Uganda, Sudan, Congo, and Kenya I want to travel there on a volunteer trip.  I feel like this will help me figure out myself and the appropriate ways to move forward.
  • Complete a Masters and phd.  I want to get my Masters degree in something regarding global communication or international studies/development/human rights.  I eventually want to go on to get my phd so that I can become a professor and spread human rights issues ignored by the media to upcoming generations.
  • Become fluent in a second language-I’m trying to get there with French.  When I go back to school I also want to do the FLACs scholarship and learn Swahili or another African language.
  • Get more energy-I really need to get myself on a workout routine and I also want to start committing to yoga.
  • Create interfaith and cultural understanding.  One of my main focuses in life.
  • Enforce corporate social responsibility.  There are people out there who think we shouldn’t get involve in helping other nations when the US itself isn’t perfect.  However, many problems would be eliminated if big US corporations weren’t causing them to begin with.  The first step is plain and simple, just do what’s right.  Special focus on the war in Congo and conflict minerals.
  • Help the displaced and refugees.  I want to volunteer in the US and do casework for the placing of international refugees within the United States.
  • Bring media attention to the ignored.  I want to find a way to highlight the forgotten wars and struggles in the world.  Get rid of agenda setting.  Find a way to shed light on those who deserve it.
  • Start something-not necessarily a business or nonprofit, but something.
  • Cook-want to learn more.
  • Learn photography-I think it goes hand in hand with blogging.  However, I need a camera first..
  • Implement programs in high school-I feel like I really missed out.  I grew up in a small town and had no idea that what I’m currently passionate about even existed in the world.  I would have seen things a lot differently if I would have learned more about international topics, but it didn’t exist.  I think this should be brought into high schools.  There may be so many others who could help make a difference, but can’t because they don’t even know what is out there.
Well, that’s my collection of thoughts for today.  This will be what the blog is based around through my experiences, articles I read, and thoughts that I have.  Please share yours so the conversation and changes can start and people can be helped sooner.  I look forward to hearing ideas!

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