We Ran for Congo Women

Jon and I after the 5K.

When I saw the Run for Congo Women tweeted by Women for Women International I couldn’t wait to be a part of it.  From participating in many DRC initiatives the last several years throughout college, I was anxious to stay active upon moving to NYC.  Some of my closest friends at OU came from shared passion for working to create change in the region and stop human rights atrocities.  The people I met who were from DRC had truly inspiring stories that helped motivate me to stay involved and not give up until a difference is finally made.

On a beautiful day we ran the 5K at Roosevelt Island (though I’m not much of a runner so walking was involved, but it’s the thought that counts!)  After the run I had the opportunity to speak with the organizers of the event.  One of them, Amy, saw my energy and invited me to help with future events.  We also spoke about finding a way to incorporate spreading awareness of Conflict Minerals and continuing the initiative further.  Ideas for this are of course welcome, as I continue brainstorming myself.  I also met the founder of Shona, an organization that sells products made by women in DRC with disabilities. Truly beautiful work, I bought a great bag myself and plan to purchase more in the future.  The woman told me about her years living in Rwanda and DRC, which was great for me since I can’t wait to travel there.

A gorgeous bag like the one I bought from Shona.

I felt the run feeling good to be back involved with helping Congo and excited about my new connections.  I have already had the opportunity to meet and speak to them further.  I highly encourage you to check out and attend future Run for Congo events!

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