I Support Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage has been a very huge issue right now in the United States, which I truly don’t understand. I guess it’s just difficult for me to comprehend why people can’t just let other people be happy. Whenever I question my beliefs in life, I usually just base it on a simple philosophy: you have one life and it’s short, do whatever you need to do to be happy and always be true to yourself, as long as you aren’t harming yourself or other people. It sounds simple enough, but somehow in society it just isn’t. The other big question is why do we (and in “we” I mean some people in general, not so much myself) pick out homosexuality as such a huge topic to focus on all the time? Whether you agree or not, if it’s not your business just let it be!

The right to marriage and the right to love are basic human rights. Therefore, why it is even a political issue I’m not sure, it shouldn’t be. Most people who disagree with it do it for religious reasons. Religion should have nothing to do with law. A person’s sexual preference should not deny them simple rights like any other human being, and marriage presents many of these rights such as education opportunities and economical justice just to name a few. I recently co-organized a Young Professionals of Amnesty International event where we focused on why same-sex marriage is a right, let alone personal opinion.

It’s silly that society picks people who are gay to scrutinize so much. This may be at fault of the media as well, but there are many issues in the world, why would people focus on one that isn’t even harming anything? I’ve never understood this. Although I am straight, I think about how much I’ve always wanted to get married and how it’s always been a dream of mine. If I was denied that happiness just for being myself I know I would be incredible hurt and discouraged. Nobody should have to feel that way.

I know that some religions consider homosexuality a sin. And although I will never agree with that, I also don’t understand of all things why God would consider a form of love a sin. Even if you do still think that it’s a sin, isn’t it a worse sin to judge?

I think it will be interesting to see how this “issue” evolves over the years and the decades. Down the road, people will be unable to believe how discriminatory we were. I predict it to being similar to how we think of segregation in the mid 1900’s and earlier today. Especially since the United States is so far behind the loop, many other countries have already legalized same-sex marriage. I recently had visitors from Germany staying at my apartment. One night at the bar we got into a discussion about politics and what each country thought of the other. I asked about same sex marriage, and they claimed that in Germany, people just don’t make as big of a deal about it and find it odd that the U.S. does. They found it hard to understand how it’s not legal here.

I think we’ve all heard the arguments for and against. With the recent support of President Obama it has certainly been in the spotlight. I am concerned of Obama’s timing for this announcement, and hope that it’s not just a campaign strategy for votes or to curb attention away from other topics and questions that the public wants answered. I like to think the best, and hope that he really did find a change of heart through his daughters. That seeing their friends with same sex parents made him realize, why shouldn’t they get the same rights and privileges as anyone else? Because REALLY, why shouldn’t they?

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