Made It To London! Part 1 of The Journey.

I left for Ghana yesterday, and so far it has been more of a rolle coaster of emotions than I thought. I feel like I am overly prepared for everything and anything that could happen thanks to a ton of organization. However, there still is not quite a way to prepare for the unknown. Jon took some time off work and helped me get ready and rode with me to the airport. I’m only gone for two weeks, so it’s strange, but saying good-bye to him was the hardest part and more difficult than I imagined. I was a weepy mess, a combination of stress, fear, excitement, and leaving extremely outside of my comfort zone. I sat at the airport trying to pull it together on and off. It wasn’t easy, mainly because I just felt like the travel part was never going to end and the destination was a million miles away. Now that the first 6 1/2 hour flight is over, I feel more like it’s right around the corner.

The flight was really great, I can’t believe I’m saying that. I like to sit in the aisle because I feel less claustrophobic. Well, the plain had seats for over 400 people and basically all of them were empty. So I had a row of three seats completely to myself. I spread out, got comfortable, and felt ready to go. I found 21 Jump Street in the movies, which was awesome! We had a dinner and breakfast, so that was a plus. Every flight I’ve been on it’s like $7 for the alcohol so it was to my extreme happiness that the flight attendant gave free wine (though I asked him how much it was and I’m pretty sure he thought I was completely stupid) totally worth it. They give you 2 little bottles so I was able to relax and eventually fall asleep. The flight was even shorter than it was supposed to be. All major pluses. 

When I walked into Heathrow Airport in London I felt a bit overwhelmed all over again. First, it’s huge. Then I started thinking too much about how far  I was from anything. But I bought some Fanta (a reminder of my last Europe trip) and a sandwich from Starbucks, and took my malaria medicine, ipod in, and dozed off here and there. Also, they have really weird toilets here and there’s like no toilet seat to sit on? I don’t really get it.

My flight for Accra departs in a little over 2 hours now. I’m hoping for the same thing as the last flight, though that may be too much luck. I’m just imagining flying into Africa in general, I think that feeling will be amazing and change my feelings. I also think that airport will overwhelm me even more! But, at least that will be the end of it. Then it’s a 2 hour car ride and finally at the hotel by around 11pm to hopefully pass out and start fresh in Ghana tomorrow morning! I have no idea how the internet will work there, but they do have an internet cafe where I”m staying so hopefully all will be well. I also have a plug to use to fit it into the sockets there, but I cannot find an adaptor for the voltage ANYWHERE. They are all just the plug shapes! I’m a little afraid of blowing up my electronics. Hopefully I’ll get that straightened out soon!

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