A Fresh Idea To Make A Big Difference


I found this Ted Talk by Nate Garvis really inspiring.  It has been stuck in my head lately with ideas floating around it for how to implement. The main idea here is that whatever positive change you’re trying to create, “make it part of culture rather than changing laws” in order to make an impact. So, make it popular, fashionable, etc. This goes along with the idea of the green movement for recycling. Organizations are, in many cases, using the same channels to promote themselves. Therefore, they are speaking to an audience that is already in the know and taking action. “Preaching to the choir” so to speak. Outlets need to be used to show people who wouldn’t typically seek out this sort of information. Maybe magazines, movies, finding a way inside popular culture. What do you want people to know about? What topics are popular right now, and how can you use them in your favor to create a movement?  That is the question that’s been circulating through my head, and I believe is an important one for future social entrepreneurs.