Women in DRC Remind The World of A Local Voice’s Power

I was inspired by this Peace X Peace post that I read the other day. It reminded me of an important concept that many people forget. As organizations and people both in the United States and around the world strive to help communities, there needs to be a local voice. There should always be representation from the area that is trying to be helped. In this case, Democratic Republic of Congo. People assume, especially with the help of the media, that developing nations, or just places that are different that what they’re used to, are completely helpless. Worse than that, it is sometimes thought that the U.S. shouldn’t help people at all because they “obviously aren’t doing anything to help themselves”. This article titled Congolese Women: We’re Not Just Victims proves these arguments wrong.

Image from Peace X Peace article "Congolese Women-We're Not Just Victims"

Today, there are so many nonprofits and NGOs they are almost doing more harm than good. The system is flawed and unorganized, even when people mean well. That’s why there should always me a link within the community being assisted by these organizations to help guide the process and work together. Otherwise the voices of those in need can easily be lost, and they of course are the ones living it. I always felt it would be smart to have a central player in this system to keep nonprofits on the right track. A system that made an up and coming movement pass through the local community’s approval before becoming a registered organization. Maybe a policy that should be implemented so we can focus on solving problems rather than creating more. It’s something to think about.